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From sticking to these meals for over half a year, I've been able to lose over 40 pounds. By itself that is a great feat for me, but this also helped my odds of having a successful surgery. I underwent double arthroscopic hip surgery. If I was even slightly more overweight, my chances of a successful surgery might of dropped substantially. I've brought many family members and friends to your company after they have seen my transformation. Thank you for everything!

Luke - CrossFit Undertow

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Muscle-Up Paleo is a gourmet meal delivery service catering to fellow CrossFitters in the New York Tri-State area. Using all grass fed beef, free range poultry and eggs, wild seafood and the freshest, organic, local vegetables we make following the Paleo regiment easy and affordable. Our menus are constantly changing, and creatively crafted to intrigue those with even the most refined palate.

We understand a Paleo lifestyle can take up countless hours of meal planning, food shopping, sourcing high quality ingredients, and of course cooking, so why not give yourself a break and let us do the work!